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The Four Misperception Essences (stock bottles)

JADE VINE (Strongylodon mactobotrys)
for feeling not good enough.


"I am worthy of all wondrousness simply because I exist, as a perfect and eternal expression of creation"

Jade Vine – I am good enoughThis essence supports the intention to heal the pain and fear attached to the belief that we are unworthy, the terror and grief of not being good enough. It supports us in bringing about change in our beliefs and patterns of behaviour relating to low self-esteem. It also helps us to access the feelings around the negative messages we received in childhood. Due to these negative messages we have come to believe that we are not worthy of love or loving and therefore we don’t deserve anything. This, for many people is the hardest misperception or belief of all to deal with.

When we are in this state, we can feel we are not worthy of any good happening to us. We therefore create situations in our life that confirms this believe, stopping us from a fulfilling life. Life can sometimes feel very unfair and it is difficult to get what you want, not feeling very successful.

Jade Vine helps us to embrace these negative beliefs. We are then free to become more confident, more self–assured, consciously bringing about a new way of thinking and feeling. As we become more in the flow of confident energy we change our beliefs around not deserving anything to one of deserving all wondrousness. We start to see more clearly from this place of confidence not bogged down by our old beliefs.
This in turn helps us to realise that we are worthy and need not be afraid to take a chance and go for what we want. We can then start to heal the child within who has felt un–loveable.

Life is meant to be easy.
Your life is meant to be of love and laughter,
abundance and fulfilment. What keeps you from
these things is your belief about reality,
the fear that you are not worthy and all of the old emotional
baggage you carry. Every time you find yourself in a struggle
you are in a place of fear. Each time you refuse to
deal with an emotional issue in the now moment you are
simply adding to the emotional baggage. If you will not
examine your belief structures and fears and deal with
the emotions, you limit yourself to a most confining prison.
Each NOW is another opportunity for you
to choose how it may be for you.
– Jani King ©

STAR GARDENIA (Gardenia titensis)
For feeling powerless to change my life.


"I am a powerful, spiritual being, with choice in every now moment"

This essence supports the intention to transform the belief in powerlessness and victim-hood. It helps us to take responsibility for what is occurring in our lives, and realise that we are powerful creators. We can therefore create whatever we want not restricted by our conditioning, we are awesome beings that do have a choice and can choose how we want our life to be.

Star Gardenia – I am powerfulThis misperception of powerlessness developed in early childhood, and as we grew into adulthood this feeling is reaffirmed by our experiences in the wider world. Being constantly put down by parents, peers, teachers and others in ‘authority’, serves only to strengthen this belief. The underlying misperception which comes from this is "my actions, choices and decisions have been invalidated and therefore I am powerless to change anything"! We certainly don’t feel we have free will.

We feel a lack of personal power, a victim of circumstances. Often feeling fated, feeling not responsible for our situation, blaming others for our own circumstances. We get very depressed about our lot, seeing no way of changing it. Seeing life as a constant battle. This can make us very angry and struggle for power, or we can get very depressed often switching from one to the other. Feeling the only control we have is with our bodies, which we can abuse in one way or another so we feel we are in control of something in our life. This can manifest itself in addictive behaviour.

Star Gardenia helps us to regain our personal internal power. We can then see we have a choice in our life, and that no one else can choose for us. When we take responsibility for our choices whatever we choose, it is down to us and we cannot be a victim. This is how we become a deliberate creator. When we recognise that we have a choice in every moment whatever the circumstances, we can begin to take control of our lives and direct them to line up with our feelings and our hearts desires.

When you find yourself struggling to manipulate
and control external events in your life,
look at the fear which lies beneath these actions.
If you would simply give up and allow the flow of events,
stating your preferred outcome,
you would find that the result will be exactly
as you desired without the struggle.
– Jani King ©

GOLDEN GINGER (Tapeinochilus Sp.)
For Love equals pain, whenever I have loved I have been hurt.


"Love is the truth of my being"

Love is the truth of my beingThis essence supports the intention to heal the belief that love equals pain, or the misperception that whenever I have loved I have been hurt, or abandoned, or betrayed. It helps us to embrace the baby one within who believes they have had love withheld from birth to now. It helps to open our hearts once again, feeling safe in the knowledge that we are loveable and loved by the universe.

As we put up barriers to protect the wounded child within we learn to close off our hearts against the pain of having love withheld. As we develop into adulthood we stop trusting, become cautious and we don’t allow people too close for fear of being hurt. We are frightened to commit and we keep our distance.
When we shut ourselves down from feeling the pain the more separate we become from feeling ANYTHING, even the fullness of love and joy.

Pain comes when we resist what our heart is longing to reveal to us, from our decision to be separate from love. When we cut ourselves off from love and loving we become embittered, needy and unfulfilled. We develop strategies to somehow get love through the back door. We need something to fill the void, often looking towards external things to bring some sort of comfort and satisfaction, to fill the aching in our hearts for unconditional love.

Golden Ginger, allows us to embrace the pain of separation that has kept us from our true state of being – Love. By embracing the wounded child within we open ourselves to the infinite loving energy that has always been present in our hearts.

Love is the Alpha and Omega of your life.
Without it you cannot survive.
Love is what fills the empty space within you.
As you become filled with the love of who you are,
in the knowing that you are an aspect of the Goddess–God,
so you radiate that love to all about you.
From this place of being, all that you will be able to perceive
will be the reflection of that love shinning back to you.
Oh my Beloved, what wondrousness, indeed!
– Jani King ©

PINK POWDER PUFF (Calliandra haematocephala)
For my world is not a safe place.


"My world and my universe is a safe and nurturing place"

This essence supports the intention to transform the fears around our belief that the world is not a safe place. It also assists with the fears associated with the belief in random danger and future misfortune.

Pink Powder Puff – I am safe’We are constantly bombarded from early childhood with negative images and messages that reinforce our feeling that we live in a very unsafe world, full of hidden dangers. We can become very fearful of the world outside, paranoid, not trusting anyone, and not getting involved. As this belief becomes part of our reality, we stop living a full and open life. We become closed to all those possibilities that life has to offer us.

Feeling un–safe and under threat, can make us feel very vulnerable with no control over what happens to us. Not only do we feel fearful about things happening to ourselves, but also to people close to us causing us to over-react when our children want to do things we feel are dangerous. We therefore pass our anxieties on to them.

As a result of these beliefs we can stop taking risks and restrict ourselves. We stop taking positive steps for a fulfilling life. We can see the world we live in as dangerous, rather than an exciting and wondrous place to be explored and experienced.

This essence helps us to embrace our fears and anxieties and helps us to see that we are safe, no matter how it seems. When we realise we are safe we become liberated and free, free to dance in the sun and skip in the rain, totally free. Life then flows in harmony with our choices and desires.

Life is not to be feared but embraced as a wondrous adventure.

Love or fear, it is your choice in any moment
how you perceive it, how you live it.
You may cower in your fear or dance in the light.
The time will come when you will be very bored with living
in the fear, being paralyzed in a no-life.
One day you will open your eyes and say,
"this day I will step into the light".
– Jani King ©

The Four Support Essences (stock bottles)
These four essences can be used individually or to support the transformational process.

FRANGIPANI (Plumeria obtusa Cv.)
For finding the gift in every situation.


This essence brings us back to the heart where the gift of ‘who we truly are’ lies no matter what the story or how it seems.

Frangipani – I am the GiftWe get to the heart of an issue or pattern only via the feeling it brings up in us.
We have to identify what we are actually feeling, honestly and without judgement. We will often resist feeling the feeling because of the pain it brings up. When we push feelings away, when we bury them, we set ourselves up for further, more intense pain in the future. What we resist persists!

There comes a point when our old ways of suppressing our feelings stop working and they start to come to the surface more frequently, and until we embrace our feelings they will run our lives. When these emotional upsets keep happening in our lives and we find it difficult to understand why, this essence will help us to find the gift within that feeling.

This essence is for when we need to be honest with ourselves about what we are feeling. It helps us to find the Gift in any situation. Giving us the freedom to choose. This essence gets us to recognise that we do have a choice and from that choice point we can choose what we want. When we truly understand this we realise that we might as well choose love, wellbeing and joy. We need to get out of the story and into the feeling where we can change it all.
It is not a mental exercise, our thoughts can’t do it – we have to get to the feeling.

By taking Frangipani it will help us to get to the heart of an issue or pattern by helping us to be honest about what we are feeling and have created without blame or judgement.

Self honesty is a tool without which
you will find it very difficult to grow. Without it, you
find that you disguise and dress up the reasons for
your actions and reactions. It is part of your fear
that you are not worthy and fear of judgement by others;
in other words, having to be ‘seen to be’ more than
you think you are. By being honest with yourself
you have the most wonderful tool to discover
your secret fears and hidden beliefs about yourself
and your reality. In the embracement of those fears
you become centred and strong.
This is called sovereignty, from whence comes
your creative choice points to grow into your own power.
– Jani King ©

CONNECTING ESSENCE (Geranium sp and vibrational imprint)
For being in the now.


This essence connects us with the knowing that as a perfect eternal aspect of All That Is, I am connected and at one with everyone and everything.

Blue Geranium – I am connected to allThis essence supports us when we need to reconnect to source, and for when we need to connect to our inner knowing. When we are disconnected we lack focus, are directionless and therefore are not fully present in the NOW. As a result of this we have difficulty in getting to a still and centred point, where we have access to the power of now. This affects how we communicate with ourselves and others and how we listen.
In conflict situations it can become difficult to see the bigger picture, or anger overtakes us and we end up saying things we regret. When we are angry or upset we are in the past recalling past events. When we come into the now moment we find it is then very difficult to be in that angry place.

When we are in the now we have the power to create whatever we want, being all we can be in the now moment. Therefore we are not living in the past, we are not worrying about a possible future and we are therefore fully present connecting to the source.

Connecting essence helps whenever we have difficulty in clear, honest and heartfelt communication, either with ourselves, or others.

Imagine that there is a string of light from your heart
which connects you to every other human upon your plane.
Now imagine many strings of light which connect you
to every tree, blade of grass, insect and animal.
From your crown, see a golden thread which goes forth
to the stars, connecting you to every being
on every planet of the universes and all the dimensions.
Let that feeling resonate in your heart,
so you will know it is to be in non separation.
– Jani King ©

CALMING THE WATERS (Vibrational Imprint)
For balancing our emotions.


This is used for when we are in Emotional Turmoil.

This essence supports us in the knowing that no matter what is occurring in my life the greater part of me exists in a deep ocean of tranquillity. Cradled in the knowledge that nothing can harm me.

Calming the Waters – to be calmYou can use this essence in moments of extreme agitation and anxiety. It can also be used when there has been physical trauma and emotional turmoil.

Calming The Waters will help to restore balance when all our old patterns and belief structures come into play and we loose sight of our true feelings and become immersed in the sheer pain of our emotions. Some times we feel like we are on a roller coaster ride of emotions, on top of the world only moments later to be plunged into the depths of pain and uncertainty.

When we have had long term stress and our emotions are running the show it is difficult to find peace. This essence brings us to a place of emotional calm allowing our bodies to relax and bring about healing on all levels.
It is very helpful in restoring balance. It calms the emotional waters and allows us to sense what is truly going on. It assists in disconnecting the outside story and reconnects us with the deeper inner knowing.

When we are in this state of calm, we start to see more clearly as we are not being swayed by our emotions. The endless ups and downs cease bringing us to a place of peace.

You can also use this essence in emergency situations when some form of trauma or emotional upset occurs.

Each of you choose to come into this Human existence and as you do, you
birth yourselves into the consciousness of the human realm. You grow into
all of the ‘stories’ of human existence; the turmoil, stresses, fear, pain
and anguish of day-to-day living.
However, the Greater Truth of you is that you also and simultaneously exist
in a greater reality, an eternal reality, a reality beyond your mind or
body, beyond time and space.
The Greater Beingness of you exists cradled in the Infinite Ocean of the
All-That-Is, in the awareness of your own totality of Being, at One with the
source. As you are an extension of Source, so indeed you are also infinite
and eternal. How could it be otherwise.
– Jani King ©

For joy and playfulness.


This essence connects with the knowing of "Dolphin and Whale kind". Their unique energy brings up in us a feeling of unconditional love. This feeling reminds us of times when we felt playful and carefree. This essence helps us in following the joy and excitement that is within us. It helps us access the unconditional love and wisdom of the dolphin and whale kingdom.

Dolphin and Whale – PlayfulnessWhen we are in need of feeling more light hearted, when we have forgotten that life can be full of love, full of fun and pleasure in just being who you are.

This essence is also for when we need light heartedness, when we have stopped playing, when everything is ‘heavy’ and we are making hard work of life. It is for when we cannot see the joy in life, and we can’t get into the thank you, for when we are in the self–pity, feeling isolated and depressed.

For when we need to have fun just for the sake of it, for spontaneity and doing things out of playfulness.

Dolphin and Whale Essence helps us to find the fun in our spiritual journey, to lighten our spirit and to extend our compassion to all things.

When we experience how limitless we are it frees us up so we can become that playful child who really knows how to play.

It reconnects us to the time when we were full of loving potential in the womb, swimming in a sea of love and tranquillity supported by the waters of life. This playful essence assist us to follow the joy and excitement that is in our hearts if we could only allow ourselves to be free and follow the wonderous adventure of life.

Your life is not meant to be serious
My Beloved. How long is it since you
have allowed yourself lightheartedness and laughter?
All of this business is about enLIGHTment,
not enHEAVYment.
– Jani King ©

LOTUS (Nymphaea gigantea)
For the embracement (the loving arms around you).


This essence connects us to the Goddess energy.

Lotus – I am the Goddess/GodIt helps us to embrace and nurture the hidden and wounded child within. Before we were born we existed in an eternal field of love supported in the knowledge that we are worthy of all love just because we exist as a perfect eternal expression of creation. Lotus helps us to return to that eternal field of love where unconditional love resides, it returns us to that nurturing and supported place to the mother goddess – love.

This essence gives us a loving pair of arms that we can wrap around all the pain hurt and guilt that we carry around with us. Because we feel so separate from that supported loving energy we feel we are dying of broken heart, trapped in a cycle of pain, hurt, guilt. We have a deep longing within us for someone to protect and look after use.

When we embrace all our fears with love we change the frequency of fear and pain to love with the possibility for all wondrousness. When we are born into this world we are open books with endless possibilities, but we learn to pick up, during our childhood, that it is not safe to be open and free – it is not safe to love ourselves or others, that our inner knowing isn’t valid, you can’t trust it. No wonder we have a problem embracing ourselves and others.

Lotus can be used during meditation for connecting to source, to gain wholeness and expand consciousness. It can bring us to a place where we can connect to the true knowing of the multidimensional being we are.

When making up a combination dosage bottle the addition of this essence will enhance all the other essences and brings them all to the highest vibrational level to work collectively for the greatest good.

We say to you that LOVE is simply
another word for Goddess–God.
When we express love to others, you are expressing
the Goddess-God of you. This is immediately
recognised by others, because it resonates
to their own Goddess–God.
This LOVE is who you all really are
– Jani King ©

Complete Golden Light Essence Box Set

£93.00 for the complete
Golden Light Essence Box Set

The Golden Light Essence Box SetThe Golden Light Essence Box Set includes 10ml dosage bottles of all 9 stock Essences.

The Stock Essences comprises of the four Misperception Essences – Jade Vine, Star Gardenia, Golden Ginger and Pink Powder Puff – as well as the five Support Essences – Frangipani, Connecting Essence, Calming The Waters, Dolphin and Whale Essence and Lotus Essence.

The Box Set also features a comprehensive booklet with full Essence background information and detailed usage guide of all Stock Essences as well as an empty dosage bottle for your use.


Just letting you know the Golden Light Essence kit has arrived safe and sound. And how beautiful they are.
So far, I have merely been holding each one in turn and feeling the exquisite energy of them. It is impossible to put into words the sensation/feeling they inspire, most profoundly ‘whole’, each in its own way, with a different ‘tone’ of vibration.
Thank you for the wonderful gift that they are.
– J. from Australia

Combination Essences (30ml dosage bottles )



The Gift Of LoveThis combination helps connect us to the love within.

It helps us to express love from our core being, healing the inner child who had felt not worthy of love. In childhood we have felt unloved and not approved of. This causes such pain, that we close down our hearts for protection, which in turn keeps us separate from loving ourselves and others.
This combination helps to heal that pain and grief of feeling unloved and unlovable.

The support essences in this combination help to calm the roller coaster of emotions as our buried feelings surface. We can then find the gift in the situation. As we embrace our pain of love withheld we come to feel the depth of unconditional love within us, and come to realize that we can love and be loved.

This combination can also help when family and other relationships are difficult. It can help bring peace and harmony in challenging situations within the home, at work or at play. When you see yourself in a new light – loving who you truly are - you then reflect this back to others creating harmony.

Love is our true state of being.



The Gift Of ChangeThis combination helps those who feel depressed and are very negative about their lives and find it difficult to see a way out. Often worrying about what might happen in the future or has happened in the past. This situation can make us feel powerless -– feeling that we do not have the power to change what is happening to us, that we have no choice, that we are somehow fated.

These negative feelings reinforce the fear of powerlessness, and therefore feeling a victim, not being in control, things happening to us instead of being able to take control and create what we want.

This combination can help to put us in the now, not in the past or in a perceived future, but in the right now, where we have a choice about what it is we actually want, coming from a place of love not fear.

The support essences included in this combination helps us to see the gift in every situation, to be in the now moment (that actual place when we make a choice) and to embrace the joy of making our own choices. Also included is an essence to lighten us up rather than being weighed down with fear – enlightenment not enheavyment!!

There may be challenging times ahead with changes that are occurring on our planet. This combination can help with keeping us in that place of power, not buying into the fear of change, being excited by all the new possibilities.



The Gift Of ConfidenceThis combination helps people who feel they have no confidence, having low self-esteem, and thereby feeling worthless. Often fearing to be themselves because of what people might think of them, fearful of being judged to be not good enough.

This combination helps you to get in touch with the pain of not feeling enough. It helps you to be the person you have always wanted to be without the fear of being judged.

The support essences included in this combination assist us in honestly owning our fear, being in the now moment and to embrace, not judge, our feelings and emotions. Also included is an essence to encourage feelings of confidence - of the confident child playing full of the joy of life.

Be all you where born to be.



The Gift Of FreedomThis combination helps to clear the pathways that have been closed down through fear, allowing you to create something new without all the old conditioning stopping you. Freeing you to achieve and do all the things you always wanted to.

We have many fears that can restrict us from achieving what makes our heart sing, keeping us trapped in a no-life. Many of our fears relate to ‘not having enough money’, ‘that life is very hard’, ‘we have to struggle to survive’, sometimes feeling that some awful disaster may happen, and not being able to do anything about it. This can cause real anxiety.

The support essences in this combination assist us to be in the now, not worrying about the past or future, being carefree like the fearless child playing in their own safe world. We can then honestly own these fears that keep us from being free and therefore embrace and release them.

This combination gets you out of the negativity, which is created by the fear of lack. It helps in the changing of the negative frequency to a higher more positive one, enabling you to attract to you all the wondrous things you have ever wanted in your life – the universal law of attraction. You then become a deliberate creator drawing to you more of what you want.



The Gift Of CalmThis combination is helpful for when you need to be calm and relaxed allowing you to let go of any stress. When we get caught up in emotional turmoil it is very difficult to see a way through. It becomes harder to understand what is going on and how we are feeling.

Constant emotional stress stops us being able to think clearly. We become irrational and our thoughts get confused. When the emotions take over it can affect us physically, we stop breathing properly and we can get very stressed which can affect our well being in many ways.

It is really important to find some peace, to find your centre point and to be able to focus. This combination helps us to find that centre point, bringing us to a place of calm where we can find that inner peace. We can then make rational decisions without them being run by our emotions.

As we calm down it becomes easier to be in the now. This in turn calms us more. In this calmer space we can start to see the causes of the upsets of the roller coaster ride of our emotions, leading to our embracement of these misperceptions as we find the gift of the situation. This then starts to bring the fun back into our lives.

You can also use this combination in emergency situations when some form of trauma or emotional upset occurs.


"The Gift Of Combinations" – A Set off all five of the above Combination Essences, in 30ml dosage bottles.


The complete range of Golden Light Essences
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