Golden Light Essences Events

2017 Events:

4th & 5th March – Oak Beach, Nr Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Golden Light Essence workshop and Essence making in the tropical rain forest.

3rd & 4th June - Madrid. P'taah Event also an Essences workshop including making a new Event Essence.

17th – 20th June – Adrasan, Turkey . A P'taah retreat and a day Essence making in the Toros Mountains. Adrasan is about 2 hrs south of Antalya with a lovely sandy beaches and pine forests. The retreat will be at the Kybele hotel with further accommodation nearby.

Please contact us for more information, and to book your place.

Please contact us at:- Tel 01502 478282

Travel and Accommodation information for this event (PDF)

Jani King and P'taah will also be in Madrid, Germany and Malta in July


P'taah entitled all the events for his 2012 visit to Europe as "The Portal"

The Portal in Suffolk on the 18th & 19th August 2012.

The PortalThe portal can be described as the gateway to the great expansion of our consciousness. It provides the possibility and probability of extraordinary change. Those at this event became part of the family of the heart desiring to become all that we can be.

P'taah described 2012/13 as:

"the end of an epoch, of a 52 thousand year cycle and a gateway to new possibilities, to give a greater understanding of our own world. The speeding up of technology, our social worlds, communication and science are part of an acceleration of time. As we move to the end of the year and into 2013 we are moving into a higher (faster) frequency. Many will feel the same; many will understand this is a portal to fulfilling your own potential and stepping into your power; to come to know your own Magnificence! To understand your divinity, and to live fearlessly. The 4 keys [for transformation] stop the repeated cycle of fear-reaction; fear-reaction; fear-reaction ….. the same old story."

The weekend was a real portal to our inner self and our magnificence.

The essence we made on the second day was entitled "Magnificence" which has proved to be a very powerful essence helping us to really step into our power place recognising our true potential.

People's comments on the weekend

  • I wanted to thank you very much for hosting the Portal weekend and for making me feel so welcome. I got so much from Saturday.
    C from Suffolk
  • Dear Rick & Pattie, Just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful weekend with yourselves and Jani & P'taah. My friend and I really appreciated all you did to make it enjoyable & memorable. Listening to P'taah was an amazing experience and very moving.
    M from Suffolk.
  • Thank you so, so much for the most wonderful & inspiring weekend with P'taah. It was made so special being held in your beautiful garden, which you offered with such generosity and love. You truly are very wonderful people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the P'taah event possible for us and also for the wonderful essence making day that you so lovingly guided us through and one which has really inspired me. Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    from W, Essex


A Retreat with Jani and P’taah in Adrasan, Turkey - August 2012


The retreat in Adrasan, Turkey was a wonderful experience for all of us. Retreats can be very challenging and this one was no exception. It was full of love, magic, fun, great food and truly life changing. The journey for each of us was unique and inspiring as we all came together as one family.

Ella who lives in Adrasan organised our amazing stay at the Kybele Hotel and our fabulous visits to ancient sites, Kas and the mountain of fire.

During our time with P'taah at the retreat we made 2 essences, which he named "Star Gate" and "Dolphin Moon". Full details of these essences will be available soon.

The making of these essences was so full of extraordinary experiences I know I came back feeling that I had been hit between the eyes with the most awesomely powerful energy I have ever experienced, pure love.

A Retreat with Jani King and P’taah in TurkeyDolphin Moon – the power of love.

This essence was made when the group went on an evening boat trip. The waters were calm and as the sun set the moon came out and P'taah's energy was very present. During the whole boat trip Jani and I felt the most amazing feelings of excitement and such joy.

In the making of Dolphin Moon essence there was this overwhelming feeling of how powerful pure love felt.


A Retreat with Jani King and P’taah in TurkeyStar Gate

The nature spirits where certainly with us on the day we were in the pine forest with the pine deva, really connecting us to everything on this planet and beyond - a real portal into other realities.

What a unique experience it was for all of us in the making of this essence.

What people said about the Retreat

  • It was indeed a most wondrous week, probably the most special week in my life. G…. and I were saying that we couldn't have wanted anything else. Everything was sooooo wonderful. We are so happy that we were able to step out of the fear and just did it. It was so well worth it. As you say: magical and inspiring. And I feel a different person. we want to be there all the next times. We both want to thank you all for being so loving and caring. It felt like a warm bath.
    K & G from Holland.
  • I had had such a great time with you all, it was also transformational time for me. B from Turkey.
  • Dear Pattie and Ric,  Well it's already a month since the wonderful Turkey adventure - how time is flying by! Thank you, thank you, to both of you wonderful people for arranging everything on what was for me such a special and transforming week - it is one thing to read the books, quite another to be in the presence of P'taah - thank you so much for making that possible. And for being there for all of us too.  B from London.
  • Adrasan has been an intense experience hehehe, and although we have really not spent a lot of time together since I met all of you, I feel I know you since always..... I am doing my homework, having my drops of essences, embracing my fears and giving thanks... so I am more calmed now in peace and love. J from Spain.

Ric and Pattie who like to thank all the people who came to both events, without them none of the amazing experiences we had would have happened, a true co-creation. Thank you for your loving support.


The Golden Light Essence garden workshopWe run regular workshops in our purpose built log cabin. These include an Introduction to Golden light Essences and advanced courses for therapists.


Introduction to Golden Light Flower Essences workshop.
This is for anyone who wants to find out more about these transformational essences, and how to make your own combinations. Dates to be confirmed, please contact us for more detail.
We also run specialist workshops for therapists.


One to one therapy sessions are available with Pattie. These can be in person, by phone or by email.